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Syncholistic Yoga

Did you know that Psychological research suggests that our body language expresses the internal state to the outside world? As we start moving, acting in a different way and using our bodies with more awareness we are tapping into the body’s cognitive resources of developmental change. Yoga helps to feel more potent by adopting powerful postures, creating more space in the spine, opening the chest and heart, strengthening the limbs and the core. Yoga is not just about physical postures - asanas, breathing exercises and meditation but about the journey to learn about who we are and what contribution we can be to the world.

Syncholisticyoga is a culmination of many years of gathering experience and knowledge about a holistic and efficient approach to optimal wellness, happiness and spiritual evolution. We tend to separate our body, mind and spirit and yoga is a path back to union, to connect, to listen within and commune with our individual body’s consciousness.

My personal aim is to create unique classes for a mixed variety of yogis with a willingness and openmindeness to change and to explore personal transformation. Yoga practice helps us to calm down the noise in the mind, connect to the wisdom of the heart, to refine and stabilise all our layers from the inside out and outside in.

This benefits our physical, emotional and energetic states of being to expand our awareness and commitment to self and create inner happiness that drives our behaviour to the outside world. It has been found that by centering the mind and body you are open to infinite possibilities, actions are more intended, more focused, more skillful. When you align your body, your mind gets the message and transformation takes place.

The classes and workshops are held in a private brand new creative studio, full of natural light overlooking a tranquil garden in Kingston Vale.

In these 75 min classes we:

  • Acknowledge, explore and strengthen the physical body by allowing the guiding breath to release energetic blockages that can cause aches and pains, listen to and restore the physical intelligence.
  • Become aware of our internal noise; to release old programming, fear, moods and attachments for a stress-free mind & body.
  • Connect to the conscious movement of breath through meditation, visualisation & sound to open up to your innate wisdom and align with a place of inner guidance and health.

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YOGA Classes

The intention is to leave class deeply connected to your essence, relaxed, rejuvenated and stimulated to create the life you desire.

Yoga Class Levels & Times

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Mon 10:00 to 11:15

Mon 19:30 to 20:45



Tues 10:00 – 11:15

Tues 18:00 – 19:15



Wednesdays from  10:00 to 20:15 - book your 75min 121 slot


Sun 16:00 – 17:15


All classes include meditation & pranayama

  •  £13  per session for groups
  • Block of 6 session for £70
    includes 30min De-stress treatment (value of £40)
  • Therapeutic £45
  • Restorative £25

Arrive 5 min earlier as door closes on the hour,

Payments in cash or paypal/bank transfer as with sessions

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