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Roger Bannister - Awakening Process

Awakening Process

Awakening - The Journey to Higher Consciousness

As some of us are starting to experience something we can call the Awakening Process we are surprising ourselves with experiences beyond our usual understanding, a new source of power and beauty as Roger called it so eloquently. This urgency of individual growth and evolutionary transformation to greater fulfilment and joy can at times feel like as your world got turned upside down.

This calling to grow and to awaken to our authentic truth is a natural process though, so please don’t be alarmed. It is often accompanied by a longing for higher achievement, a deeper way of being, a hidden purpose that comes to the forefront of ones thinking. You are guided by your soul’s desire to unfold and express itself in a way you never dreamed existed.

It can be painful and unsettling as you watch old structures disintegrate and you might sense loss of the familiar, the old stability . You might be feeling signs of the awakening process.


1. Loss of passion and feeling of something missing in your life

Whilst this disorientation is taking place there is excitement at the same time, an inner knowing and guidance that asks for further exploration and to go beyond the unknown. There is a curious need to discover what is missing? What is being called forward from the deepest depths within? Who or what is causing this curiosity and is constantly looking for change?

2. Being made redundant or transitioning out of your current job, industry.

Sudden changes in job or career can lead to existential fears. Often an entirely new approach is required and limiting beliefs have to be eliminated before one can look at new opportunities. There is this Inner urgency to explore ones true passion and it is best not to rush it. It might take a few jobs before settling into the new calling.

3. Withdrawal from relating to partners, family, friends and generally from social engagements.

Relationships can start drifting apart as karmic attachments are resolving. You feel less drawn to interact with people, friends and family. You can go from feeling you need your own space to feeling alone and misunderstood in matter of hours. You are not going crazy, you are just waking up and moving into the new energy.

4. Body aches and pains, crying for no apparent reason, emotional mood swings, depression?

All that can happen as a result of intense changes in your DNA through the energetic planetary upgrades. As the energy hits the physical bodies all those old stuck energies, your “shadows aspects” ie anger, fear, hurt, blame, shame, guilt are coming out for resolution. It may feel similar to depression but don’t be alarmed . You start accepting that you are responsible for this body, this lifetime and you are the master of your own destiny, always have been.

5. Interrupted sleep, vivid and intense dreams, eating less and irregularly

You are releasing the old energy within, the energy of hardship, war, escape, survival and your body undergoes healing whilst resting. Your body might require less food, at odd times and intervals and you are being invited to trust your body’s communication rather than following diets and pre-determined eating patterns.

6. Avoidance of TV, politics and drama - an urgency for greater fulfilment and joy

You start seeing through the veils of domination and control by the media, the government, the financial institutions. The illusion of power becomes apparent as your inner wisdom keeps guiding you towards becoming a divine, sovereign citizen of this earth. As you keep releasing old programming, the stories of the past and you use your discernment to let go of the matrix , you can’t stop denying that something revolutionary is happening.


1. Vulnerability & Surrender

to what is happening to you becomes the key to a smoother transformation. Your sense of accelerated awareness can feel strange and scary at times as it questions ones identity at its core. Allow yourself to cry as it is the body releasing old energies and borders.

2. Support & Self-Nurturing

One minute you may find comfort in solitude and learn to enjoy and appreciate your own company and the next minute you feel overwhelmed and choose to seek professional help. All options are open, there is no right or wrong way in this process of your natural unfolding of divinity. Get the support you require.

3. Allowance & Presence

You are being asked to step into your mastery and respond to your higher calling. Now, this is not about abandoning everything and everybody in your life, leaving your body, but it is about adding joy and ease to your existence. Explore breathing and meditational techniques to stay in the moment, to appreciate the unfolding

4. Trust & Curiosity

As you evolve, become more conscious you discover that there is that life force within you that constantly seeks to actualise its true potential , your gifts. The initial changes that you make may not be the final ones but ever increasing compassion and passion with self and others will guide you in your transformation along a new path towards sovereignty, higher capacities and abundance. Stay curious and trust in your intuition!

5. Gratitude & Mastery

This process of awakening happens naturally, can come on spontaneously at any time and age. We will all go through it and every individual journey is precious, unique, and eventually leading to the same outcome; the full expression of our unique gifts within a higher, multidimensional embodiment of consciousness. Be grateful for the magic that you are and to live in this time of transformation.


Ask Yourself:

Does any of the above resonate with you in your life right now? The quality of this awakening process is proportionate to the quality of the questions that you ask . In these private sessions with Martina you work on extensively clearing, healing & balancing your body, mind and energies by asking lots of questions to know what is true for you, how you can raise your consciousness and express your gifts to the world.

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