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Martina has been completely brilliant at sorting me out in a remarkably short space of time with Bowen and Bars. She fixed my frozen shoulder earlier this year; more recently she has solved a really complex problem, with extraordinary speed and efficiency. She has genuine talent and she is very smart, as well as being very grounded. Listen to her – she knows what she is talking about.


I recently attended one of Martina’s Access clearing sessions. She told me there would be several others attending and I have to admit that the thought of discussing some of the things in my life with others filled me with trepidation. I steeled myself for what I thought would be a challenging experience. How wrong could I be ? The session lasted over two hours but it felt like ten minutes. The Access process is so natural and pain-free and helped me to unearth and be aware of a number of issues. And discussing with others – no problem – it could not have been easier. I shall return for more.

Norman Jackson

When I first came to see Martina I was a mess. I knew I had to make a major shift in my life and that I needed help taking the first step. Apart from emotional trauma, I also experienced a variety of physical symptoms that were preventing me to live a fulfiling life.

After a month and a half since I first saw Martina, I now feel substantially better and am ready to tackle small and big problems on my own. Martina taught me they were my blessings, as they bring opportunities for change and they do.


I have found Bowen technique fascinating, it has facilitated a greater understanding of the internal ‘me’ allowed me to understand my pain/discomfort within & helped with letting go, an unraveling if you like. After each session there have been a series of releases experienced through my body both during exercise & rest. Overall a more grounded feeling & of inner strength, more than I could have anticipated. Thank you Martina.

Kate G

Bowen helped my daughter with pet allergies (our GP told us only answer would be to get rid of the cats). Meg has not needed her inhaler since her session with Martina nearly 3 weeks ago, her chest is clear and she is sleeping really well. Just as well given that she is just about to sit her GCSE’s!! She is brilliant. – We only did one session, I was surprised myself!! Bowen can be quite magical.



I really like your 31 Days programme, it has such a wide mix that it keeps the interest going throughout and some things were completely new to me and have aroused my interest to know more.

A very nice idea and an enjoyable journey, thank you


Yoga Testimonials

Martinas classes are so refreshing and unique, she puts her own twist on yoga which challenges you in different ways. My mind and body always feel amazing and clam when the class finishes and this stays with me for the whole day. I would 100% recommend her classes!

Emma, Kingston

Martina's classes are fantastic! I always feel so good and refreshed afterwards. Martina is a fabulous teacher and offers so much more than just yoga. It is because of Martina that I have become addicted to Yoga. Martina always offers new challenges which I love and every class is different and fun. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough!

Francesca, Kingston Vale

I've been loving Martina's classes since she opened her studio - I come away feeling so awake! The classes challenge me physically, always offer something new & fresh, and we have a good giggle. It's not just exercise either. What more can you want?!

Anna, New Malden

I just had my first ever Yoga lesson with Martina. I felt my body stretching nicely, I felt my breath going though my body . It felt so good, I know I just started and I have a long way to go. But It just felt so good. Martina is a great teacher . she has got a very soothing voice, Loved the mediation session at the end. Thank you! Martina

Viraji, Norbiton

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