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Empowerment Coaching sessions

Private Sessions

A Client's perspective

Martina has a way of cutting through the drama/stories and getting to the heart of the issue, in a manner that leaves you feeling empowered. Nothing seems to phase Martina at all, she has no judgement on your issues just a want, a passion to get you up and moving, using the tools she provides. Martina ask questions to get you to know what YOU know without feeling like you are being forced or humoured. She then gives you tools to enable you to live YOUR life according to your own truth and knowing. There is no deep delving in to and pulling apart your “issues” rather a focused look at it, acknowledge it as it stands, minus the drama and confusion and then letting it go.

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This does take your true willingness to change and here can be HOW?

Every session is fresh and tailored to your needs. I assist you to acknowledge and address the energy of what is causing the challenge(s) presented. This type of facilitation allows you to very quickly and holistically integrate notable changes. It might at times feel your mind got scrambled; as you release old thoughts and points of view you begin to feel lighter. Profound changes can happen instantly, further supported by simple take away tools, I don’t advocate timed coaching packages.

By using this unique combination of physical, energetic and mental tools & techniques (SEE qualifications) you can unlock whatever limits you. Out of that, comes an awareness that brings realisations and infinite possibilities you didn’t know you had available to you.

In preparation for your session please familiarise yourself with the Access Clearing Statement I will be using in your session as one of the tools.

Staying Connected

  • Through blogs, Q&A, Social media postings, I continuously offer free support and motivation along your journey, as I am really keen to get you focused on your path. My drive is to assist you in clearing your limitations and past programming and to give you the tools to move on and live your life to your fullest potential.
  • As a Yoga teacher I offer a SPECIALTY RESTORATIVE YOGA CLASS where I combine the verbal facilitation with Yoga poses to help you move and clear the energy that may well be adding to the blocks within your life.
  • The world is profoundly changing and some of us have started to experience what is being called the Awakening Process, an inner calling to grow and to awaken to our authentic truth, our world can get turned upside down in this process. Ask for help if you are experiencing any of the awakening symptoms.

What have clients successfully chosen in these sessions?

  • Let go of limiting attachments / past programming / entities
  • Address physical/emotional pain
  • Release habitual patterns/addictions
  • Unlock their potency /aligned to inner guidance
  • Generate ease, joy and ignite their true life’s passion
  • De-stress and choose abundance
  • Feel empowered in their personal path of transformation

Booking a session with Martina can truly change your life.

  • Transformational Session: £125
    (Skype or Zoom sessions available)

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Payments can be made with cash at session, by bank transfer / via Paypal before the session using the button below.

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