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(credit to material sources:  A Bartzis, Access Consciousness, Pranayama technique and other philosophies & tools)

  1. Set up the alternate nostril breathing helping with mind & body, left & right brain integration :

Using your right hand, bring your index and middle finger onto your 3rd eye, that space between the eye brows, use your right thumb to close off your right nostril and breath in through your left nostril. Close both nostrils and pause for a moment. Open and exhale through your right nostril. Inhale through your right nostril. Close both nostrils and hold the breath, then open the left nostril and exhale all the way. Inhale left nostril, close both, pause, open right and exhale again. …..[ pause the recording and practice a few of those cycles first before you continue listening. Keep using this alternate nostril breath throughout the recording to let go of anger and start creating with more ease.]

  1. Record in your own voice and listen as often as required:

I, in this ever present moment of now, summon all my DNA ancestors of the past, present and future, my angelic guardians & guides, my soul brothers and sisters to hold space and bear witness to my

-          Declaration and demand on myself to de-fortify any walls of false protection, to let go of any weapons of self-destructions, to fortify my reality, re-enforce clear and healthy boundaries to dream the new dream of peace, of wealth and happiness.

-          I herewith ask the universal quantum entanglements to support my request for joyful creation with ease, of balanced health, ever growing wealth and inspired co-creation to the best and highest good for me and mankind.

-          I now acknowledge the daily synchronicities and mystical experiences assisting me to explore and expand my awareness manifold

-          As well as assist me in making infinite possibilities manifest, beyond my wildest imagination.

-          As I start choosing for me and as me I perceive, know be and receive the contributions to my highest spiritual evolution and to this global dream time awakening.

-          I now let got of any frustrations, irritations and limitations that keep me stuck in this global narrative of misconception to step into my sovereignty and signature frequency of the healed healer and potent co-creator.

-          I herewith alchemise the sour taste of anger and mistrust in my mouth and turn all depression and regression into creation, inspiration and dreams.

-          I, in this ever present moment of now, claim back every moment of rage I have ever had, every word in vengeance I have ever spoken or written, I reduce to zero minus infinity the charge and polarity, so I may return to my sacred neutral balance. All energy of rage stored inside me, I now transmute and transform into positive inspiration, creations and dreams.

-          All angry energy that has been seeping into my liver and pericardium, through tacit consent and lack of boundaries, over eons of time, I now become a magical practitioner for myself to unravel the rage weave so that I don’t have to sit in it every day. I reach into all corners in my home and body to pull off the energy from all the negative webs that I created and clear them with my imaginary sage stick, rage as love gone awry, where two people who don’t know how to function together, even though they are both choosing a form of love that has turned into a form of distortion.

-          I herewith clear out all these distortions from my liver, my heart, my pericardium, my every cell of my body and my environment. Every rage choice that I have ever chosen, for not being heard, whilst religion, government, media or any other authority was stifling my authentic knowing, I now transform and transmute it, destroy and uncreate it.

-          I herewith claim my Part of living the singularity as a duality here in this realm. I acknowledge the harshness of this place so that I pull myself up by my bootstraps and make something valuable and meaningful to the memories that I am creating to make legacy for the ancient soul inside me.

-          I herewith listen to the native bloodline telling me to make a lasting legacy or get the hell out of the lineage, as way of getting me to step into my potency of becoming a grand master of sacred communication with the blood ancestors living and non living.

-          As I claim the amount of anger in me, I have to acknowledge all the implants on and off world and destroy and uncreate them.

-          I also claim any and all amount of anger that I have taken on into my being from others, through empathetic entanglement in ignorance and unawareness. I now transmute and send it back, including its electromagnetic imprinting, to whence it came from, for never to return to this body, this environment again. I Return it back to whence it came from to never return to this body, this environment again. Return it back to whence it came from to never return to this body, this environment again.

-          All the oaths, vows, fealties, commealties, commitments, agreements, contracts binding and bonding, that I have with any rage entities, demons, ghosts, shadow parts and aspects that taunt ridicule, judge, anger, infuriate, mock, provoke, insult, tease and torment, I know revoke, recant, rescind, renounce denounce, destroy and uncreate.

-          I herewith now ask all the demons, associated to the anger and rage in me and my environment, that I locked into my life and I created sacred orders with to demand to free themselves from this reality to return to their reality and never come back to this reality again.

-          As I am now taking on the mantelship of responsibility for me changing my rage, as I am claiming it back, as I am transmuting and transforming this rage into inspiration, dreams and creation I now also receive the great reckoning to my ancestors judgment for doing so, that opens up a whole new level of ancestral communication, when I stop this rage at the deepest core and stop allowing love to be a distortion of rage.

-          Everywhere I refuse to step into my true authentic potency, where I choose repressed enthusiasm over inspiration, passion and dreams, I now destroy and uncreate all the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations, projections and expectations leading me to this refusal.

-          All the stupidity and incarcerations that I am using to control something and somebody, where I am more invested in judgments than in change, I now transform into clarity, wisdom and joyful bliss of inner authentic knowing.

-          Whatever I have made so significant in finding beauty and kindness in others, in serving other’s egos to the detriment of my own assets, gifts, dreams and desires, I now claim back my powers, my boundaries of autonomy and integrity and clear and cleanse the darkened waters of creation.

-          As I fully claim back my trust to self in all its glory, I flush my liver, the pipes of anger and rage with bleach and offer sacred gifts in gratitude for the return of my wholeness to fully participate again in this existence through clarity, transformation and creation.

-          What energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be, to be out of control, definition, limitation, judgment, form, structure, significance, linearity, concentricity with every fibre of my being, every cell of my body to restore full trust and honor, respect, vulnerability, allowance, infinite choice and gratitude with my being.

I am my self-unified in this message of separation of densities of anger, fury and rage. I now choose whatever potency I have been refusing and create and manifest my harmonised and balanced life equations from my own source connection to great mystery. I now enter this declaration into the Akashic Record for all sentient kind to witness and understand that our freedom comes with the use of free will at all times. And so it is.

Take another three cycles of breath and then let go of your hand and release the breath through both nostrils. Allow yourself to expand in that space of no-time, keep breathing in your own rhythm connecting to your heartbeat and whenever you are ready come back into the room, into this reality to carry on with your day.


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