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Authentic footprints in the sands of time

Ladies & Gentlemen, we all know how important it is to wear the perfect pair of shoes for the right occasion, don’t we? There is a sense of ownership, abundance, a self-nurture, that can make us proud and comfortable and the more uniquely fitting they are, the better.

I’v always been very intrigued about niche marketing and how the general consensus seems to be that without a targeted clientele we can’t run a business let alone make any money. It is an interesting point of view and worth exploring in these changing times we are living in.  

We have all heard metaphorical expressions such as ‘Put yourself in your customer’s shoes’ and ‘If you where in your customer’s shoes would you buy from you?’

A fascinating concept and taken literally, a rather scary one at the same time. In order to put myself into somebody else’s shoes I would first have to take off my own and then find a customer pair that fits me. Now, most of people out there have been wearing their shoes for a while and the size and shape of the shoe would have adapted to their unique specific ways.

Quite an undertaking, considering that not every shoe works in this specific marketing approach. I am after a pair that really fits because let’s face it what point of reference do I get wearing a shoe that is too big or too small? With this in mind, how many shoes do I have to put myself into to target an entire group of people? Exhausting thought, unless you think one shoe fits all?!

And yes by the way, we do think with our feet not just on our feet, did you know that?

Let’s say you are a hairdresser and you want to market females only, the under 20s, long hair, frequent colouring. That seems a pretty well defined niche. Let’s get yourself into their shoes to find out if you would want to buy from you? Other than the obvious criteria don’t forget the ones who prefer a female to a male hairdresser, a contemporary to traditional salon, a glass of champagne to tea and biscuits and of course the costs.  How are you getting on there, feeling the pressure?

Yes, they might all want to have their long hair coloured but isn’t there so much more that influences us to make a choice to buy something or use a certain service? Can we ever anticipate the uniqueness of our fellow customers to serve them well and more importantly, do we need to, is this the only way of finding out?

Or is there another way of looking at it? COULD THE NICHE BE YOU?

What if you could keep your shoes on instead of frantically trying on others? The ones that you have chosen to be the perfect fit especially for you.  The ones that took you quite some time to find, that make you look and feel proud and comfortably balanced at the same time. Your unique pair, extending your personality for others to see. You walk in them with ease and joy, all heads are turning. Did you see those shoes, where are they from, I want some?  

Do what you love doing and do it in your authentic and unique way and don’t be surprised if you start attracting people with long hair, short hair, male, female, bold, old, young, you get where I am going with this, don’t you?

We are all infinite beings with unique gifts to offer, contributions and money to make. OOOPS COULD THAT BE YOUR NICHE, YOUR UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION?

Would an infinite being limit itself? No, so why would you as a business owner?

What does it take for us to allow ourselves to let our light shine? For when you do, you brighten up the darkness around you, just like that, by being yourself.

Aren’t we all capable to make our own choices and decisions and attract the perfect hairdressers into our reality, whoever they are? Do we really need to have somebody stepping into our shoes first to find out what we need; or do we like to be inspired and shown what we didn’t know that we needed in the first place?

How much easier, joyful and successful could your lives be if you put on your own footwear first and find the perfect fit that works for you? Stop looking for a niche, embody it, become it and allow people to find you and make their own choices, because just like you, they can too.

Whose shoes are you wearing to leave your authentic footprints in the sands of time?

Let us know in the comments below.

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