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Being you – the gift to this world

London life is not for the faint hearted! But if you are up for a challenge, ready to explore what else you got to offer to yourself and others and are not shy to outstare your inner demons, it might just be the place to pass by and even stay a little. What an amazing place, I instantly feel in love with it when I first arrived here in 95.

Driving through Clapham today, on a drizzly, grey sort of day the Common was packed with people, all age groups, playing football, working out, running, walking dogs, and more. The true Londoner is out there, defying the weather, the traffic, the time of the day and just has some fun despite it all.

It is so easy to forget who we truly are when we fall into the trap of allowing our environment to become the indicator of how much fun we are entitled to. Our response to what is happening around us defines the choice of who we want to be. This is not a one time decision by all means, it is a moment to moment choice and often when living in a place of contrast and diversity, as London certainly can be, we are invited to continuously question and explore what works for us and what doesn’t. This is not limited to a space or climate but as well as the people we come in contact with. Not everybody will lift your spirits and make you feel at ease, some people you will feel very neutral towards and then there are the ones you might sense a heaviness around.

Keep your energy high, your light shining and stay in a place of gratitude for self and others assured of being the creator of your experience and with that always in charge of your happiness.

If a situation doesn’t suit you ask what you can be or do to change it?  What else is possible that would create a different possibility? What can you choose, that you haven’t chosen yet, that if you did, would change your reality?

Allow an awareness to rise from those questions rather than desperately looking for an answer, it will come when least expected.

We all have our authentic vibratory signature frequency and all that means it that each individual is uniquely different, depending on past experiences and choices. The idea of having to be the same in order to get along doesn’t really resonate well anymore. It is our uniqueness that contributes to each other, no matter if judged positively or negatively. Unfortunately, we have been taught the opposite and in the process have often forgotten who we truly are. Being you is truly the gift that this world requires.

What if now is the time to let go of all the programming that we accepted from others, all the lies we bought into and made our own, that have been misguiding our actions and choices?

What could being your authentic self gift to this world?

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