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Exploring Consciousness with MG – New Zoom Series starting Sept 2018

What is this?

It is quite simple.

As part of my contribution through my personal JOURNEY FROM CHALLENGE TO CHOICE I will be doing regular zooms with friends and other likeminded people who are willing to take their lives to the next level. People, like you and me, who are willing to have their voices heard, their stories shared and who don’t shy away from digging deeper into what and why things might not be working for them whilst they know they could. All zooms will be recorded and accessible on social media in contribution to others too if they so choose.

Who is it for?

This is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in becoming more conscious and navigate through the new energies that are flooding onto this planet with more ease, joy and abundance.

These chats and free facilitations are for people who are keen and curious to share and learn from their stories and experiences, ask questions, clear their emotional backpacks full of drama and traumas and move on from a 3D reality into 5D living. I will be sharing tools and techniques, new perspectives and different types of facilitations that might help people out of stuck states.

People who are ready to

-          Acknowledge the programming and conditioning that keeps defeating their efforts to create beyond what they know is possible.

-          Be keen and curious to clear their emotional baggage of drama and traumas and see the gift in them.

-          Have enough of playing small and fitting in and demand their sovereign space for creation to expand beyond work, eat and sleep.

-          Let go of judgment that kills creation

-          Free themselves from the shackles of addictions and self-sabotage

-          Nurture and communicate with their bodies to release & explore physical pain

-          Uncover the gifts of polarity & contrast in Relationships and create one that works

-          Use the mirror of existence and environment to inquire into the subconscious conditioning

-          Explore their male and female traits and how to balance them

-          Use their awareness of energies and other people’s thoughts and feelings

-          Deal with entities;  how to clear and communicate with them

-          Filter the lies of domination & control to find and speak their own truth

-          Give and receive without stepping back into old patterns of martyrdom

-          Connect to guides, guardians, ancestors, …. Benevolent beings

And so much more, whatever rattles your cage -  The CHOICE IS YOURS!

Ps: Please ensure you are happy to be recorded.


BECAUSE IT IS TIME. We are all being invited to grow and accept the responsibility of stepping into our roles of consciousness explorers and contribute our unique gifts to the evolution of our species, the planet, the universes, the galaxies. And also because one of my gifts is assisting people to perceive, know, be and receive their potent capacities and find out that they know more than they think they know.


If you want to participate in these explorations, tell us what you know that can contribute to others and at the same time gain more insight in the infinite possibilities that are available to you, please get in touch with me to arrange a time for an hourly zoom chat.  / Tel: 07713887998

If you are just curious to listen or watch the chats and pick and choose what works for you that is fine too. They will be available on FB and Twitter and hopefully shared in many other beautiful ways.

Who the hell is MG?

I am a Yoga and Transformation Facilitator & Teacher, Healer and founding director of Syncholistic Ltd., a Personal Empowerment Company based in London.

If you want to take some time to explore some of the areas I covered through my PERSONAL JOURNEY FROM CHALLENGE TO CHOICE:

 From Martyr to Magic

-          The value of relationships

-          Emotional intelligence – internal guidance system

-          The gifts of polarity & contrast

-          The mirror of existence

Mind & Body Healing

-          Importance of communicating with the body

-          Innate Healthy Blueprint/healing capacity

-          Physical postering/Addictions

-          Full embodiment

Metaphorical exploration  & Clearing

-          Change your picture – change your life

-          Clearing through tapping into the subconscious

-          Exploring male/female balance

Energy Management

-          Awareness of energy and its implications

-          Spiritual Hygiene

-          Reality fortification / boundaries

-          Discernment

Authentic expression

-          Speaking one’s authentic truth

-          Sovereignty & Free will

-          Stepping into your potency

Multidimensional connection

-          Journeys for deeper connection & information retrieval Lightbody Integration

-          Connecting to guides, guardians, ancestors…. Benevolent sentient beings

-          Entity & Demon Clearings

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