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Suggestion: Record in your own voice and listen as often as possible

Close your eyes and relax. Breathing through your nose, take in a deep breath all the way from your tailbone up into your crown and exhale. Come into that space of no-time, of no-thought, where nothing and everything exists in non-hierarchical order in non-competition -in non-separation. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water. As you keep breathing up and down the spine, allow your mind to step outside the realm of thinking. This time in no-time is now - for the mind to stop running, away from the fear of confronting its own fear.  Allow yourself to feel again, feeling your beingness to expand into infinity. Use every exhalation as an opportunity to let go of stuck energetic fear patterns to be released out of the soles of your feet directly into the center of the earth for recycling.

With every breath you take demand the shackles of social conditioning to break open, the barriers of separation to disappear and allow yourself to connect to the wisdom of your heart. Let go of all the dualistic thoughts of others projected onto you, perceived and received by you. Those thoughts and lies that you made your own, in unawareness.

Use this moment of the now to be, to let go of work and all the doing you think you have to do. Guide your breath up all the way along the spine into your brain. Now, imagine strings of harmony to form between your left and right brain and then drop the brain into the medulla oblongata, that is responsible for all autonomic functions of your body, located in the brainstem, at the back of your neck. Pause for a moment of no time, no doing only observing your breathing.

Bring your conscious breathing awareness to your left and right ventricle of your heart and build a superhighway from there all the way up to your medulla, inviting your brain to burst open into your heart, your heart connecting back into the space of inner discernment, the natural flow of your inner waters, your innate knowing, your inner trust and sacred neutrality.

With this bright, warm stream of lightness in your human heart/brain wisdom give your adrenal glands a rest from fighting and flighting, give your mind a break from fearing the unknown. What does it take to stop touring the dried out landscape of worries, tensions, concerns and anxieties?

Breathe  - acknowledge and reject the implants of distractions. Wipe away the salty tears on your faces of greyish complexion and breath yourself back into balance. Summon now, all light bodies of distraction back to your central nervous system for healing, for integration, for release and for rejuvenation.

Scan your body from top to toe, right into the marrow of your bones and up and down the skeletal system. With every sound you make, with every breath you take, let go of the numbness, the excessive thinking  that clouds your natural triad vision and keeps you from listening to your inner voice of reason. What is it that you know that you have always known and chosen to forgo to play the game of fitting in, the game of false connection and stagnation? When did life become the game of control supporting the fear of losing the something you didn’t need in the first place?

Breathe, allow the breath to bring you back into the present moment of the now. Observe the concept of time losing its power over you. Breathing in, filling up your lungs with air along the spine of illumination all the way from your tailbone to the crown. Breathing out, drawing down the innate healing power, clearing and cleansing the kidneys and the bladder, grounding our holograms of existence into the womb of our earth mother.

Now, pause and take a moment to reconnect your ambilical cords, being cut off from your mother’s lifeforce far too early -  perceive the beat of the two hearts – feel them beating as one. Walk away from all the strategies of distraction, turn off your phones, your tv’s, get off the treadmill of excertion. Whenever there is fear, there is a call within you to reconnect, to remember the oneness you truly be. Fear is being lost in the sea of blind non-seers, buying into time, into thought, into the doing rather than the being.

Perceive, know, be and receive the emotion of excitement pulsing through your veins, magical waves of peace stored in your waters, so often misidentified as fear. Fear - this society’s  false prophet, preaching deceiving promises and blinding us to the hamster wheel that powers them.

What information are you missing that keeps you looping in this loneliness, the fear and agitation of future expectations rather than standing strong in your tranquil knowingness in the moist, shady, undisturbed now?

Drop those barriers of false protection, your shields for going to war, your walls of separation. Breath in the breath of freedom, of interconnection, open the dams of naturally flowing emotions. Imagine deeply grounding down into the center of this earth, the roots of your conviction, of co-creation growing vertically and laterally with total ease and joy beyond your wildest imagination, nourished and nurtured by the balanced waters of life.

Water gives life and it takes life. What are you choosing?

Now, take another deep breath, all the way from your tailbone up into the crown of your head and exhale completely.

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