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 Food for thought!

In case you are wondering what this drawing is all about, it is a raw illustration of the small intestine in purple and the large intestine in black. Many years ago I studied weight loss from a neurolinguistic perspective with A Austin and how food and digestion metaphors can be very instrumental to weight loss and gain.

As we create our bodies and realities through our belief and constant thoughts, expressions such as

  • I am fed up
  • I don’t give a shit
  • Come on, eat it all up, kids in Africa are starving
  • I got a lot on my plate right now and many more play a huge role in our creations.

In fact, do yourself a favour and start listening to how you and others express themselves, with regards to food and digestion and how that could have an impact on your physique and psyche.

In this blog I’d like us to look at it, not so much from a weight loss perspective, even though contemplating some of the ideas might well lead to a reduction in physical weight too,  but to take a view on the impact of how we are processing our environment and information.

How it can affect our spiritual evolution, the way we co-create in this world and how it can hinder our progress and success. Another thing to keep in mind is physical pain as a messenger for how we interact and process our environment.

Let’s use probably one of the most explicit example: ‘I don’t give a shit’ - IDGAS. Would you say that a person who uses this expression regularly could likely have issues with weight, lack of flow, procrastination and most like not be that regular?

If you have read that far don’t stop now, let’s look at it in a bit more detail. Anyone with a strong point of view about something usually has a lot of resistance to that very something. So, someone who thinks and says ‘IDGAS’ critics and often cares more than they allow themselves to acknowledge. That can lead to inner conflict, often misidentified as having a strong and healthy opinion. Opinions are never healthy, they usually attract more of the same interaction on the outside and often not of a pleasant joyful nature.

Now, the function of the SMALL INTESTINE is to separate the foods in terms of what the body requires to maintain balanced health. What needs processing for the greater good and what gets passed on to the large intestine?  In other words it is responsible for receiving and making things thrive, separating the pure from the impure. Everything is made out of energy; food, emotions, thoughts, information, … and all of that gets processed through the gut. Toxic foods as well as environments, people, situations can be a huge inhibitor of a well-functioning digestive system.

The LARGE INTESTINE is in charge of absorbing the residue of useful fluids before it transports and eliminates the processed waste material downward. Makes you wonder how much of that work gets sabotaged by not giving a shit, right? A lot of that waste product then gets stored and stuck in the system. It weighs you down, tires you out and keeps you from transforming and going after your dreams. How many thoughts, feelings, emotions, that don’t even belong to you, are causing blockages in your body? Chew on that question for a bit?

Think of the stress and information overload we are putting our gut brain through by empathetically entangling with the worry of the world, angry and frustrated people, fear mongering propagated through the global narrative. An increasing amount of people have issues stomaching all that’s being served to us from the buffet of outdated rules and regulations.

What is it going to take to raise our awareness and step into our heart spaced knowingness when it comes to thought and food?

And if you find that hard to swallow, let those ideas ferment a little. We are not here to cook up a storm of trouble but to choose and enjoy the tastes from the delicious plate of conscious offerings. Don’t let anybody force ideas down your throat, they might have bitten off more than they can chew. Create your own recipe for success and spice it up a little!!

If you can think of any more metaphors connected to food, digestions, information processing share them with us in the comment section below.

And if you would enjoy exploring any limitations, conflicts, blockages, questions or weight issues for that matter and expand your awareness, through a multitude of powerful tools and techniques that I work with, please get in touch through the website.


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