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Questions Empower - RELATIONShIP


Using these ten powerful questions regarding all RELATIONSHIPS, not only personal, can help you explore the way you connect to others.




1. What can I be and do differently to have the relationship that I desire?

2. What is right about me/the situation that I am not getting?

3. What could I invest in me today that would be a contribution to this relationship

4. What could I choose right away to create something different?

5. What fantasy of this relationship I am making more real than what is actually occurring?

6. How much have you bought from others what a relationship should be like?

7. What have I made so significant in this relationship that I have made it more valuable than seeing what I can be grateful about?

8. What awareness am I avoiding with the worry that I am choosing?

9. What does relationship mean to me?

10. Where am I not in allowance of my partner and go into judgement?

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