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Questions empower – BUSINESS/CAREER


Using these ten powerful questions regarding your BUSINESS/CAREER can open up a totally different vision, focus and contribution.





1. What does business/success mean to me? What is it I love about it?

2. Where do I see my business/myself in this job in 5 years time? Check on how that feels.

3. What can I do today to create for the future?

4. What does it take for me to have more fun with this biz/career?

5. What projections and expectations other than mine are keeping me in this biz/career?

6. Ask your business, what will be making you money?

7. What if there was no such thing as a right or wrong in business and all was a learning?

8. What would it be like to always have money and not make it significant?

9. What if you just followed what you knew and not what this reality is telling you about biz?

10. Have you asked your body today to contribute to your business or career?


Enjoy investigating and call me on 07713887998 or make contact if you require some assistance.

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