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Questions empower – HEALTH


Using these ten powerful questions regarding HEALTH can help you explore your dis-ease from a place of curiosity rather than conclusion.






1. What is right about having this pain that I am not getting?

2. What is my body trying to tell me with this pain? Look for clues in the area of pain.

3. Whose pain is this anyway? It might not belong to you.

4. What questions can I ask to get more information about this pain?

5. What does pain mean to me?

6. What emotions am I refusing to acknowledge that are linked to this discomfort?

7. How many points of view are locked into this painful area of my body?

8. What capacity am I not acknowledging that is actualising as this pain/ intensity in my body?

9. What contribution can I be to my body that will assist in healing my body?

10. Identify your personal ‘pain symbol’ – What is your pain like? Any clues there?


Enjoy investigating and call me on 07713887998 or make contact if you require some assistance.

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