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What are your greatest victories? What if your story counts?

This blog was inspired by a conversation with my partner, Paul, the other night. I don’t know about you but I haven’t been very good celebrating or even acknowledging all the things that I have been and done in the past, have you? I remember a few years ago being asked in a reading by Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian, what my greatest victories are in this lifetime and I could not give him an answer.

What if those victories though are the pillars, that provide more clarity of who we are now and give us strength and joy to build the new set of experiences upon?

So here it goes, I decided to take a closer look at the last eight years, after what I still consider MY BIGGEST VICTORY- LEAVING CORPORATE LIFE IN 2008. It was first time choosing me, what I really desired, and frankly I only had a glimpse of what that meant back in 2008. I left behind familiar territory, lots of money, and an industry that I had in common with Paul, to step into the unknown.

2005 It all started then, whilst still in the oil business, I became a practitioner of the Bowen Technique. That was the first time I embraced my abilities as a hands-on healer diving deeply into the body mind connection, an area that had always fascinated me.

2008 I studied for my NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy masters. At that time this was a natural progression to slowly divorce from all the logical ways of thinking whilst still considering myself ‘professional’ enough to start my own business. Time Line Therapy was a big contribution to self and my business at the time.

This was also the year Syncholistic Ltd. was born. The name is a combination of ‘SYNCHRONICITIES’, I have always played with and ‘HOLISTIC’ – my new way of working. I quickly established that I was good assisting people to let go of their conditioning, their belief system that weighed them down and kept them stuck in any area of their lives.

2009 I learned Reiki, the first official energy healing in my toolbox. I only did the first degree and hardly used it as the idea of having to bring other energies in to achieve healing didn’t really resonate that much with me. I always believed in our bodies having innate capacities of healing and I was more interested in finding a way of unlocking those. Once I used a modality for some time I tended to look at what else was out there, what else was possible to learn and add to my portfolio. Do you know what that is like? It took some time to be in allowance of my constant wanting to learn more. In my days of networking I really struggled with the common notion of having to niche and putting myself into customer’s shoes as it didn’t really made much sense to me, nor was it fun.

2012 Metaphors of Movement (MOM) by Andrew Austin added another dimension to the meaning of therapy. Working with a metaphorical representation of a problem, requires a certain type of client, the one that is truly ready to look at their issues no matter how weird it gets. MOM is not about the positive outcome at the end of the session and sending a happy client home. I was introduced to a side of myself I had not known before. I started becoming a potent catalyst for change, facilitating the client to tap into subconscious places, taking them to unchartered territories and blasting old belief systems out of existence.

2013 I did Dr. Pearls Reconnective Healing, another energy modality, as my interest in energetic healing increased. I also came across Access Consciousness, an incredible ever evolving set of tools based on questions, clearings, new possibilities which again changed the way I work with clients as well as how I create my own life.

2014 I did become an Access Facilitator for “Talking to the Entities” to satisfy my increasing interest in what was beyond this matrix we are living in and 2015 I finally certified as a Yoga teacher following my own body’s request.

A pretty steep learning curve over the last 10 years which allowed me to practice, explore, play and transform my own consciousness as well as impact the people who chose to take part in my life as clients, friends and family. It left me with a massive and most potent box of tools for creating change on every level of our being - body, mind and spirit.

Yes, passion did carry me away at times and all my new found awareness has not always met the interest I anticipated, and I apologise for that, Paul! But I also want to thank you for being in allowance and support of my choices that led to this amazing path in the past few years, a time of self-discovery and true liberation.

The best part of it all is in the knowing of how much my personal journey has sparked powerful change for others too.

What contribution can your life’s story be to create abundance, joy and a successful
business in these new energies?

Personally, I know that 2008 was a pivotal year for me to start preparing for what has yet to come, so watch out world! What else can we create beyond our wildest imagination and how does it get even better than that?

Magic & Gratitude (MG)

and a Happy International Women’s Day to all the powerful creator ladies out there!

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